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NOLLAR is a fully redeemable and audited 1:1 USD backed stablecoin based on a novel technology enabling instant & feeless transactions.

All USD funds are secureld held by licensed custodians with several bank partners. The funds are held in a trust for the holder of the NOLLAR-USD-certificate. The NOLLAR (NOS Stablecoin Limited) Team does not have any access to the funds, nor is the issuer of NOLLAR and by any means involved in the transfer of the funds. After successfully completing the KYC/AML requirements of our licensed partner NOLLAR can be purchased or redeemed.

NOS has hired an auditor and will regularly publish an audit confirming the parity between USD and NOLLAR.

Being fully redeemable and 1:1 backed by USD, any price deviation between NOLLAR and USD is an incentive for arbitrageurs to buy or sell NOLLAR.

Yes. Lern mehr about the trading eperiences shared by users here.


NOLLAR is the first IOU USD stablecoin based on Block-lattice technology offering instant, feeless and green transactions

Currently cryptocurrrencies like Bitcoin have architectural limitations due to the traditional blockchain which limits scalability leading to slow transaction times, high transaction fees, turbulant price volatility, wasteful mining and legal uncertainty.

Most importantly, price volatility fosters distrust and panic. Money, by the widely adopted definition, must be a store of value, medium of exchange and a unit of account.

Huge swings in the price of Bitcoin and altcoins prevent it from fulfilling the above mentioned criteria which in the current form prevents further widespread adoption as a stable transfer of value or medium of exchange.

NOLLAR as a stablecoin solves these problems by providing price stability, instant and feeless value transfer. Fully asset backed and audited by PwC.

NOS, and its stablecoins is the next step for cryptocurrencies. NOLLAR will further what Bitcoin started.


Problem: Cryptocurrencies lack adoption due to fundamental issues

Slow transaction times

NOS will increase economic productivity through eradicating waiting times. International wires can take between 2 to 5 business days. Time is money, and unnecessarily wasting it, should be inexcusable.

High transaction fees

At peak network congestion a single Bitcoin transaction cost 50 USD. The remittance industry is charging poor people up to 50% per transfer. NOLLAR will eradicate this industrial wide exploitation by always offering free transfers across the world.

High price volatility

Volatility has proven to be the nemesis of early cryptocurrencies. Preventing widespread adoption and damaging their reputation. NOLLAR are pegged to USD and therefore stable.

Wasteful mining

Energy inefficient transaction mining is a huge detriment to the industry - NOLLAR, through using blocklattice-tech instead of blockchain, uses 8 Mio times less energy than Bitcoin.

How does NOLLAR work?

Purchase NOLLAR directly.

After passing KYC/AML check customers receive USD bank account details .

Redeem NOLLAR directly.

Any person who holds NOLLAR can redeem it after passing KYC/AML checks, it will be wired from a bank account in the United States.

Buy NOLLAR with crypto.

NOLLAR will be available on crypto exchanges, anyone can purchase it there at market price toward crypto pairings. Trading also is quite easier using best app like bitcoin up.

Distribute NOLLAR.

Our goal is to establish a feeless and permissionless currency, NOLLAR works best if you keep it in your wallet and start paying people with it in your daily life.

Integrate NOLLAR.

We welcome any exchange, merchant or service to integrate NOLLAR, there is no permission required. We will actively seek out to e.g. exchanges, ICOs, charity organizations, super markets in emering markets.

Why Choose NOLLAR?

Instant Transactions

NOLLAR transactions take around 2 seconds, up to 7000 tp/s are possible. Visa has a demand of ≈ 4000 tp/s.


Delegated Proof of Stake voting instead of fees going to miners.

Stable, 1:1 redeemable & audited

NOLLAR are 1:1 backed by USD held in custody by several banking partners in the United States.


0.000112 kWh per transaction

--> 8.000.000 x less than Bitcoin

--> 100 x less than a bank transfer


High Security

NOLLAR is 100% cryptographically secured.


Simple management of your everyday payments.

mobile app
Full control

You have 100% control of your Wallet Seed and private keys. You must not lose them.

Backup your seed & phone

We highly recommend you back up and store your seed securely and backup your phone regularly.

Our Team

Daniel Neetzel
  • Daniel is a serial entrepreneur & investor.
Robert Konopka
Cofounder & CTO
  • Robert is a former CERN scientist turned serial entrepreneur.
Frederik Jeger
Chief Blockchain Engineer
  • Serial DAG cryptocurrency entrepreneur.
Konrad Talik
Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer
Krzysztof Grabowski
Linux System Engineer
  • Linux System Engineer
Paweł Buglewicz
Software Developer
  • AI Enthusiast, Python fan, Former CERN employee
Hubertus von Heyden
Łukasz Marczak
Android Developer
  • Mobile Wallet Development
Frontend Developer